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iview charts is the only technical analysis frame work you will ever need

Why I created  iView Charts

Having traded the markets for so long there are just some certain things that work. The most valuable things I learnt were the hard way, by losing money… this is a powerful and quick teacher. I quickly learnt that having a solid technical frame work was essential to becoming a successful – which means being a consistent trader. 

What you get in the basic iView package

Custom Indicators
Time frame templates
Works on any product
Educational webinars

See iView charts in action

iView charts is a powerful technical analysis frame work that indicates when you should buy, sell or hold on your trade calls. It uses a combination of trading analysis techniques encompassing all time frames. The combination of indicators and template means no matter how you trade or what your trade you know where the market is looking for support and resistance.

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The individual elements that make up iView charts. From tempaltes to indicators iView charts has all the answers to technical analysis

iView News
80/20 rule of trading 80 technical & 20% NEWS

New news

Get a live news feed directly into your charts. Never again miss those all important news events that fundamentally drive the markets.

The news feed is fully customisable and will show news depending on it’s level of impact on the markets.

iView indicators
All the indicators you need for entry, support and resistance

All time frame trading

Once of the most popular questions Steve was asked on his webinars is what time frame does he use to trade? His answer as always was that ‘I use all of them’. He states, “when trading the markets you have to understand that the participants, will be made up of all type of traders and investors. You will have day traders, hedge funds, banks, central banks, the list goes on. All of these will have a different view and also different tolerances to volatility and directional moves.”

The system takes calculations on monthly, weekly and daily points of attraction. These are then disabled throughout all the charts and templates giving the user a support and resistance frame work to use.


What goes up must come down. Keeping to the self-fulfilling prophecy of technical analysis one of most commonly used technical analysis tools is Fibonacci. It is often miss used and they key to working with Fibonacci is using it with the correct market conditions.

iview uses the principle of overextended markets and break out candles with other oscillators to make sure when the Fibonacci levels are drawn onto the chart they are of maximum value. The system clearly indicates the 50% retracement levels which is a key levels when trading with over extended moves and Financial.


Tare certain aspects of technical analysis that just work in trading, pivot points are one. Most traders will use pivots in some way, just as most trader will use moving averages.

iview is set to give R1 R2 & S1 S2 (support and resistance) based upon when a certain criteria of volume and volatility are met. This indicator will work on any time frame and I again recommend that you use a combination of time frames to get your own view of the product you trade and the entry levels you pick.

iView templates
All the time frames and all the products you ever need

There are 10 dedicated templates, one for every time frame (with a blanks set up) that MT4 supports.

These templates can be used on individual charts or you can set up ‘profiles’ as Steve does and have different time views of the same product. A good one to try is D1/H1/M15 In this way you will get to see how the overall market sentiment and direction and be able to pick up good entry point n the M15 and then trade the H1 levels for exit.

This is how Steve had taught traders to better use charts over the years.

iView Trade view
Every product your MT4 supports in clear detail

The ‘Trade view’ is unique to iView charts. It is split into tow very clear distinctions.

  1. What is the ‘market’ looking at to build trade calls?
  2. What does experience and the iView bias think is going to happen?

Remember this will work on any product on any time frame you attach the indicator to. 

The iView bias is a concert that Steve came up with to make sure he got into the right trades and stayed out of the wrong trades.

The bias is taken from a number of indicators and is set to his own personal configuration.  He knows what is important and based upon the market sentiment, and what he know will work can pick out the high edge trades.

iView Bias
Identify the right trade for the market conditions

Traders can try to force their trade ideas on the markets. Allow the iView bias to tell you what the market is expecting the trade to be. Then be patient. How often have you got stopped out of trade early?

iView Bias tells you:

  • Buy trades
  • Sell trades
  • Break out  trades

The iView bias is designed to give you a heads up of what the market is expecting so therefore to be ready to trade. ALL INDICATORS are lagging so you have to factor the element of time into your trading.

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